I just want to ask if you know any book or technical papers and theses regarding computer viruses and anti-viruses. 'cause we're having a hard time looking for updated books regarding anti-viruses/viruses. Right now, we're just basing our documentation on the book of Mark Ludwig, The Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses and other books that are pretty out-of-date already.

First hand advices from your experiences in the industry are also welcome.

It will be very helpful for our thesis which is an anti-virus as well. Thanks! :)

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"The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense" by Peter Szor is interesting, and also references a lot of other materials.


Books will be out of date very quickly because the field changes so quickly. Because of that, the anti-virus software also changes rapidly.

Most of the recent work will be posted online. Nearly every Anti-Virus company posts blogs about recent research and new viruses found.

You can also use Google Scholar to search for papers and theses.

  • Thanks schroeder! I guess I'll be limiting our thesis to a simple virus detector and remover only. Because it is project-based so we won't have a lot of time if we make a fully functional antivirus. Well, Thanks again. :) Jun 28, 2012 at 2:18

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