SO I have got a website where visitors just come and see and then they leave, i could monetise on selling only if i would be able to capture there email address, I read couple of sites doing that ie when you visit there site and do not register or give the email address , they still capture it, How do they do that? Any inputs would be highly appreciated

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    Here we try and improve information security, not make it worse. – iainpb Jul 20 '17 at 16:07
  • Welcome! You're question needs far more detail regarding what you've tried and how your web application works. Otherwise one can only speculate which doesn't tend to produce high quality answers. – user2320464 Jul 20 '17 at 16:54

No, you can't capture email address from the cookies. Not unless there is a previous known javascript trick the user enter the email and store it inside the cookies for anyone to retrieve it. (And with a cross domain cookies access rights ) .

HOWEVER, there is another way to steal email exploiting Browser Auto-complete/Auto-fill, by embedding hidden input filed into HTML form. You can check out this web article for details: Prevent Autofill From Stealing Your Personal Data.

Most Browsers already fix this blind autofill features, Chrome required a mouse click intervention to trigger the auto-fill. Nevertheless, one should not take the patch for granted. So it is a good idea to disable auto-fill or remove crucial personal info in auto-fills.

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