I am interested in learning how to get into a network and then intercept and modify traffic and am looking to get a WIFI adapter that will let me use the tools in Kali Linux. I have done some research but I am having trouble finding something that has a supported chipset.

I run Kali in a VirtualBox VM running on my Win 10 host. I know the Alfas are great but they are also not in my budget yet.

I have tried a Netgear dongle and I am currently trying one from TP-link that might not be supported.

What do you all suggest? Should I keep the Archer (TP-Link)?

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TP-Link Adapter -- NOTE YOU NEED VERSION 1, NOT VERSION 2-- Make sure to check what is being sold. Version 1 has a different chipset that allows scanning, monitor mode, deauth's etc.

BHIS Wifi travel kit specs: - in which they show the adapters they use on a regular basis. Usually Alfa Adapters

Take a look at Alfa Adapters.

  • The TP-Link I have is V1 but I cannot get it setup in my Kali VM. I will revisit the Alfa models once I have learned some basic tools and need more range. – Not_My_Data Jul 20 '17 at 17:07
  • @Not_My_Data The problem is probably Virtual Box. They have bad USB interface support for VM's. I would try VMware Workstation. I always have issues with any USB adapter is Virtualbox. – Joshua Faust Jul 20 '17 at 17:49

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