I know as fact that this guy (who I actually know), set up a VPN on my phone that I cant find but can access the logs created by it. He has hijacked all of my email accts, and my Google acct.

Every time I change a password he goes and changes it again. I believe he has accessed my cam and mic. I've tried a factory reset with no luck. What should I do?

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    Attempting a factory reset it was a wise move. However, if you did not succeed yourself, you should bring the phone to a repair service which should be able to do it for you (possibly using lower-level tools if required). Apart from that I don't see any other concrete answer we could bring here. – WhiteWinterWolf Jul 23 '17 at 15:10
  • What's the story that lead to this? Did the suspect have access to your phone for some time? Why do you know for a fact that this is the case? – SaAtomic Jul 24 '17 at 10:12

If the factory reset does not work, you should assume that the ROM itself got hacked. He probably simply installed a backdoored ROM, cooked to order (I've seen such ROMs made available for children's phones - whatever you do, Mom will still be able to track you and read your chats and emails). So, to all intents and purposes, that is his phone, no longer yours.

The only thing you can reasonably do is to get the phone to the tech representative and ask for a full ROM restore, mentioning the fact that there's probably an unreliable/hacked loader. This is known as bare-metal restore, or sometimes "unbricking".

While the phone is being serviced, change all your passwords. All at the same time. Possibly late at night when he's likely to be asleep. Then turn on two-factor authentication wherever possible, and be sure never to leave the phone in easy reach of anyone.

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