Anyone have experience in a solution to manage in an integrated view this functionality ? - network forensic - SIEM - intelligence analysis and investigation

Like Niksun or Solera solution do ?

I'm talking about a SIEM and record solution of a entire network with intelligence investigation features, this tool of course can also be used sometimes for lawful interception in an ISP for example.

I found on the web some network solution from niksun or websense or for example on Solera.

I'm searching a solution to: - record traffic from 1 day to 36 month and have it on a accessible storage for analysys - features to make post analysis of the content from layer 4 to layer 7 (ip view but also content view of common protocol, chat communication, mail communication and any related traffic ). - alerting features triggered on rule based about traffic. example i can made an alert on detecting of a common word in a communication on a subset of the traffic (example only mail or chat traffic from a specific ip address) - Must have high bandwidth support, protocol identification at every layer, statistic reports and a common way to navigate the data.

What i'm asking for is not for a list of tool when an incident become but about solution to record all the traffic and to analyze all the traffic to identify data leak, misconfiguration and no-policy related utilization of the network.

anyone have experience on its solution and can share information and talk about it ?

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  • You should check out Solera Networks soleranetworks.com Commented Jan 16, 2011 at 8:47
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Have you looked at NetWitness? Also, check out some of the posts and books from TaoSecurity on the topic of network security monitoring. There you'll find some methods that use open source technologies, but of course they'll require more work on your part.


Have a look at this question - it does mention a few tools that can do exactly what you want, from wireshark, which would need some scripting to wrap it up into what you are after to Argus and others.

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    My question is not the same of the other one. I dont want a list of tool to use on an incident response, i want a solution to record all my data to identify after for example 6 month a data leak or to make assessment about protocol and traffic evidence for example 6 month ago in an enterprise solution. use wireshark to manage alert about 10Gb of traffic is not possible for example.
    – boos
    Commented Jan 16, 2011 at 9:33

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