It shows SCAM LIKELY as the caller id. It didn't used to do that. Does it send all incoming call numbers to Apple for them to analyze?

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https://www.payetteforward.com/iphone-scam-likely-why/ has a good explanation.

"Why Does My iPhone Say “Scam Likely”?

Your iPhone says “Scam Likely” because your wireless carrier introduced a new feature called Scam ID or Scam Lock that automatically changes the caller ID from the phone number to “Scam Likely” if the number calling is a known or suspected scammer."


Just to supplement John's answer, it appears T-Mobile deployed it out for its subscribers and MetroPCS (which I see in your screen shot). There's a neat fact sheet that also shows some operations here

How to Get Scam ID and Scam Block T-Mobile will enable Scam ID for all T-Mobile customers on a rolling basis beginning with T-Mobile ONE customers on April 5 New T-Mobile ONE customers will automatically get Scam ID beginning April 5 T-Mobile postpaid customers can also enable Scam ID for themselves beginning April 5 by dialing #ONI# (#664#) and pressing the call button in their phone’s dialer To turn on Scam Block, dial #ONB# (#662#) To turn off Scam Block, dial #OFB# (#632#) To check whether Scam Block is on or off, dial #STS# (#787#)

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