I'm getting into network security and similar lately (still a noob though) and I was playing around with wireshark. I know you can sniff http traffic very easily and I read here on stack exchange that it is somehow possible to sniff https (I didn't completely understand how it worked) with a tool called charles proxy (www.charlesproxy.com/). So my question is, is it really safe to e.g. log into your amazon or bank account (which is https secured) on a public wifi you trust? Given you are connected to a wifi hotspot you trust like a hotel wifi, where you know they won't be sniffing your banking credentials, can a user connected to the same wifi sniff your https encrypted password? And could a vpn service like tunnel bear prevent someone from getting your information as the vpn encrypts your data?

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    There are many articles here about how https sniffing works, the limitations etc. I suggest to first read these and understand what is needed for https sniffing, how it can be detected and why it will be detected in public networks. Commented Aug 13, 2017 at 18:56


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