As above, we were planning to do the following:

  • Access our HSM (Luna SA)
  • Generate CSR
  • Send CSR to 3rd Party CA
  • Add critical key usage of Non Repudiation on 3rd Parties portal
  • Send the now signed CSR (public key to our trading partner) which has the key usage

Does it matter if I have not added the key usage attribute during the CSR generation on the HSM as I cannot find a way to add the key usage with the HSM client software?


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Each tool should be used for what it does the best. The HSM is great to protect a private key by allowing to use it without leaking it out the the hardware module.

But IMHO, the CSR generation and validation should be done before submitting a validated CSR to the HSM for signature only.

  • Thankyou, we have found a solution that involves writing a config file to the HSM, this way we can still generate the CSR with the right key usage attribute on the HSM.
    – Steve
    Aug 21, 2017 at 12:50

It is typically the responsibility of the CA to only sign extensions they approve (typically described in their CPS), and may add extensions according to the type of certificate. I would check with the CA.

For most CAs they will discard the extensions you supply and only add the ones they include from their own template/certificate type. As an example, you may have the CA:TRUE extension in your CSR, but no CA is going to simply sign without first removing that value. On the other hand, if you specifically request a nonRepudiation certificate, the CA should add it for you even if it is not in the CSR, since the resulting certificate will not perform as you require without it.

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