I need career advice. I'm deeply,insanely interested in two fields of cyber security:

  1. Malware Analysis
  2. Web/System/Network Penetration Testing

I have lots of learning resources about pentesting and malware analysis, books,video courses,papers and etc. But as I go further I realize how much I don't know and how much I need to learn.For example, I was learning about web application penetration testing but some problem rose because I didn't know a lot about web application developing.The same goes to Malware Analysis(RE).I was reading Practical Malware Analysis book and problem rose because I didn't know enough assembly and it become necessary to learn assembly first.

I remember this phrase: "Person chasing two rabbits catches neither". What is your opinion and if it is possible to be expert in multiple fields,assuming I'm not genius guy :)

Thanks in advance.

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