After spawning a meterpreter session from the target Windows 7 system I wanted to search for all the files with sub-string "clue" in in their name. As search -f "*clue*" took a long time to complete, I found it a waste of time. I want to know if it's possible to make it a background task somehow and get the meterpreter prompt back?

I tried my luck with Google but it only shows results for Meterpreter's background command which sends the entire session to background and gives us the msf prompt.

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Here are three ideas to consider:

  • Use bgrun with search_dwld.rb
  • Use file_collector.rb
  • Create your own script


The best solution I can find for this is to use the command bgrun. As the Metasploit script states,

"bgrun" => "Executes a meterpreter script as a background thread"

Bgrun executes a script in a background thread, however the search command can't be used with bgrun. The closest script I can find to the search command is search_dwld. Search_dwld works in a similar way to search and also downloads the files that have been found.

The usage for search_dwld is as follows:

search_dwld -- recursively search for and download files matching a given pattern

USAGE: run search_dwld [base directory] [filter] [pattern]

filter can be a defined pattern or 'free', in which case pattern must be given

Defined patterns:


Examples: run search_dwld

=> recursively look for (MS|Open)Office in C:\

run search_dwld %USERPROFILE% win9x

=> recursively look for *.PWL files in the user home directory

run search_dwld E:\\ free '.(jpg|png|gif)$'

=> recursively look for pictures in the E: drive

You can use search_dwld with bgrun like this:

bgrun search_dwld

File Collector

Another option is the file_collector script. As the link above states,

Meterpreter Script for searching and downloading files that match a specific pattern. First save files to a file, edit and use that same file to download the choosen files.

file_collector is a three part process. First we create the file list, then we remove any files we don't want from the list, then we execute the download process. Here is a guide on how to use file_collector.

You can also use file_collector with bgrun as stated earlier with search_dwld:

bgrun file_collector

Create script

Another alternative is to make your own script in Ruby which searches for files.

bgrun searchScript.rb

This could actually be a good solution as you can make the script fit your exact needs.

  • will this work with a post module? for instance run post/windows/gather/some-script if not how can I background a post module
    – AK_
    Mar 7, 2018 at 18:36
  • As far as I am aware of, no. bgrun only works on Ruby scripts and can't execute post modules. I suppose you could run the post module, background the session and open a new session?
    – Joe
    Mar 7, 2018 at 18:45
  • how would you do that? bcz run kinda blocks everything, unless there is a key combination like bash's ctrl+z
    – AK_
    Mar 8, 2018 at 10:07
  • Yes, ctrl+z is the same as background command
    – Joe
    Mar 8, 2018 at 11:23
  • that backgrounded the whole metasploit framework, not what I inteded to do. I meant I wanted to background only that script
    – AK_
    Mar 8, 2018 at 11:26

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