I'm reading someone's slides on bypassing WAFs.

  • &==; : Python Django between parameters;
  • FooBar==POST verb : Apache with PHP;
  • <%I%M%U011e>==<IMG> : IIS ASP Classic;
  • ;/path1 ;foo/path2;bar/;==/path1/path2/ : Apache Tomcat;

On one page he mentions the string &==;-. Does anyone know the meaning of "between parameters"?


Read it as: & == ;

This bullet point just means that the Django framework for Python parses both an ampersand (&) and a semicolon (;) equally as valid separators of query parameters in a given URL.

Consequently, the following URLs would be treated identically:


This is remarkable because other frameworks might not recognize the semicolon as a separator and read the second query string as a single parameter x with the value y;name=peter;debug=1. This behavior might in turn confuse WAFs which is likely why it's listed on your slides.

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