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Using GPG or PGP for symmetric database encryption/decryption in c#

I am looking to symmetrically encrypt/decrypt information in a database. This info consists of short pieces of information, which need to be individually encrypted when a specific method is called.

I have been researching using AES_256 in GCM mode but keep coming across the recommendation that I should not "roll my own cryptography protocol":

I need to actually incorporate the encryption/decryption in code.

Can I viably use GPG or PGP to encrypt/decrypt and if so how?

If not, any suggestions as to the best library to use for AES in GCM would be appreciated.

EDIT: I received an answer to the other version of my question. The answer is that I cannot use PGP,GPG or any other permutation of the letters P and G in order to solve my problem.

I am using the BouncyCastle version of GCM.