Hi I am new to Kali linux untill today wifi works fine I could connect my home wifi without any issue but suddenly it is not working anymore available wifi hotspot not showing as shown below enter image description here

Could you please help me with this Thank You

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Open a terminal and type: iwconfig

Do you see any wireless interfaces listed? Are they in 'Monitor' mode? It is possible that during a wireless penetration test, you put the wireless adapter in monitor mode using something like 'airmon-ng'. If so, bring it back using:

airmon-ng stop wlan0mon

(this is assuming that the monitor interface was called 'wlan0mon')

Also, check network in settings and see if a wireless interface is available there. If this is a VM, then you might not have access to the wireless interface because the host might be using it. If you are using a VM to host Kali, you need a USB wireless adapter (like an Alpha card) to be able to access wireless interace within Kali.

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