How is it possible to use or prioritize umlauted characters - ä ö ü ß Ä Ö Ü - whilst brute forcing.

I'm not using any wordlist, only dozens of CPU threads via the following command :

./john --fork=64 --format=NT hash.txt 

Using john-1.8.0-jumbo-1.


When you look at the documentation, you are looking for the terms "character set" and "charset"

By default, the [Incremental:All] parameters are set to use the full printable US-ASCII character set (95 characters)

The 95 characters do not include umlauts.

But later, the documentation reads:

If you've got a password file for which you already have a lot of passwords cracked or obtained by other means, and the passwords are unusual, then you may want to generate a new charset file, based on character frequencies from that password file only:

john --make-charset=custom.chr mypasswd

What you do is create a .pot file with the characters you want to include, update your .conf file for a new character set file, then run

john --make-charset=custom.chr
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    Hmm ... sounds great, but in docs we also have : If you've got some passwords cracked, they are stored in $JOHN/john.pot. The john.pot file is not meant to be human-friendly. You should be using John itself to display the contents of its "pot file" in a convenient format. So, the question is how can I build my custom.chr? Guess I want it to contain a-zA-ZäöüßÄÖÜ1234567890~!@#$%^&*()_+-=[]\{}|;':",../<>?`. I would highly appreciate if you help. Thanks in advance. Nov 8 '17 at 8:22
  • This answer is not useful. Running the command shown here just yields Loaded 0 plaintexts, exiting.... Jul 13 at 17:25

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