I just found that one of my wordpress websites included backdoor (my guess).

As I see now, the same file on server is different than original on my laptop drive. So I think my website is already infected. Can you help me clean that up?

Sorry I can't put the code here as I am new and code is big and don't know how to import. You can see it here: Backdoor

Any Help Appreciated!!!

  • If you have a clean backup, restore from that. Nov 18, 2017 at 3:40

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This is knows as Wp-vcd Malware. For full analysis you can check here.

For hardening Wordpress check here, and if you ask yourself, what should you do when your website is hacked - click here.

For removing that particular malware follow this.

More from IBM X-Force Exchange:

Malicious code injection inside a wordpress theme's functions.php and wp-includes editing posts content.

Injected files:


Edited files:






Keep in mind that this may be updated version of malware, so I didn't go through all the source - my suggestion for you is to backup your website and database from clean backups.

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