I have a service that's spinning up fresh Ubuntu 16.04 instances onto a VPS (on behalf of users) and would really like to do what I can in terms of putting good privacy and security practices in by default.

This is pre any sort of web server or database install, just the base Ubuntu LTS.

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    I'm afraid your question is really broad. Secure against what? Privacy in terms of what?
    – Arminius
    Commented Nov 20, 2017 at 1:52

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The CIS benchmarks provide very clear instructions on what should be made to secure most known systems.


I use centos more then ubuntu but I would disable ssh password logins and only use ssh keys. If you must use ssh passwords install an app called fail2ban which temp bans people trying to brute force. Also makes sure you dont have any services running you don’t need on the public internet. only the ones needed. use a firewall to make that happen. I use iptables think ubuntu uses firewalld .. but would have to check.

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