Given the discovery that Intel's IME can be hacked by USB (since 2008), I started researching hardware level exploits - like the Stuxnet USB attack on Iran's Nuclear plant and I'm curious about the likelihood of these physical-access penetrations becoming large-scale.

Many people I've spoken with say my fears are unfounded because "No one would stick a random USB flashdrive into their PC." - but I disagree - isn't that exactly how Stuxnet was delivered? (Someone found a USB drive laying around, so they plugged it in to see what was on it)

That said, what about manufacturer-level entry points? As in - how likely is it that someone would infect a batch of Flashdrives at the manufacturer, and those be shipped out to consumers and retail outlets? (Seems like a nifty way to start a botnet)

Are there any known cases of manufacturers shipping out infected hardware, flash drives or other PC components/peripherals?

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