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I'm hoping that someone here has the adequate knowledge along with suggestions as to what can be done. There are many variables in these cases but there can only be so many options given the specific circumstances. The background about this is irrelevant so I will head straight into the technical aspects. Basically I am being monitored in some way, it's very likely a high-end monitoring setup - meaning it could done by someone with ISP level of power and accessibility or someone with a lot of digital expertise. The monitoring is not done officially or legally, it's being done by an ordinary individual, this could be placed in the category of online stalking.


  • I'm using the latest Windows operative system on my desktop and the latest IOS on the mobile device.
  • All hardware can be ignored since I own all my digital devices myself and nobody has access to them.
  • The monitoring is not locked to the LAN. I can leave my house and connect to a different network and still have my browsing traffic revealed to the stalker.
  • All user-accounts and emails has been secured with new passwords and double-verification. Apart from this I'm never logged in anywhere when spending time online.
  • My desktop is pretty new and was bought long after the monitoring initially stared, same deal with the replaced home router. My phone is the only device that is being actively used and is older than three years - which exceeds the monitoring period. I also have a really old laptop which spends most of it's time unplugged and the battery is not functional.
  • When using the internet browsing ability on the TV consoles - which are connected to my home router, I confirmed that the traffic they generated somehow reached the stalker. Basically all outgoing traffic from my devices located in the LAN.
  • I've scanned and actively protected my desktop with Norton, panda, f-secure, McAfee just to mention some of the paid software's. I have also used different tools specifically designed to find malware and spyware and nothing was found.
  • I have not yet wiped my mobile phone, laptop and router by using the factory-reset along with other measures so one of the devices could potentially be infected. I have also not tried using a legitimate VPN service yet.


Given the obsessive behavior by the stalker to never quit it's reasonable to assume that the stalker has put in a lot effort to make this extensive monitoring possible.

What kind of monitoring setup is to be expected? What can I do to try and eliminate the monitoring ability except for the measures I have not yet taken?

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    From what you are describing this could be anything or anyone or just pure paranoia. Although on first glance you seem to be describing a lot of details, you are actually not. You are just telling us what is not happening. But to assess the situation from afar, we need to know what is happening. – Tom K. Nov 21 '17 at 15:24
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    If you come to us with zero proof that any of this is happening, and ask us to spitball what the main point of failure could be, the only conclusion we can reasonably reach is that you're having a psychotic episode and this isn't really happening. Without further evidence, there is nothing to support the assumption that someone at your ISP is actively tracking you across all locations and monitoring your actions. This doesn't even make sense - your cellphone ISP is almost definitely a huge telcom giant like ATT or TMobile. – Adonalsium Nov 21 '17 at 17:57
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    @user5372945 Some comments before you said that you "provided [...] a lot of technical information". But you really did not. You did not tell us what kind of hardware or software you are using, what kind of behavior you are noticing that makes you suspicious (or certain), what your network looks like, etc... You told us things to "rule out possibilities", but you are missing, that there are a million possibilities left. So until you provide some real information, nobody here will be able to help you. – Tom K. Nov 22 '17 at 9:37
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You haven't given many details, but I will try my best with the details provided.

All hardware can be ignored since I own all my digital devices myself and nobody has access to them.

Okay, we'll ignore that.

The monitoring setup is remote - meaning that it was probably planted/put in place remotely. We're talking several miles, not just a van parked some hundreds of meters outside my house.

How are you sure there is no monitoring at any point at which all your internet traffic converges, such as your router? How do you know the issue is not a compromised device on your LAN hijacking your wireless traffic?

There is not a single trace of malicious software in the home router or in all other digital devices which includes, desktops, laptops, phones and consoles.

If your adversary is as sophisticated as you claim, you would not be able to detect malicious software on these devices. There are many hidden areas on modern computers which can be overwritten in software, and which require special hardware to verify (for example, hard drive or NIC firmware). I am curious to know how you verified this, or why you think this.

Key-loggers, RAT's and other tools to gather information would have to be disguised and injected in many different devices - some that doesn't even support the same type of software, like the consoles.

Why do you believe a console is monitoring you? Why not your phone or computer which has the ability to snoop on any traffic going from your console to the rest of the internet (assuming they're on the same LAN)?

The monitoring is not even locked to my home-router, but it is locked to my specific devices, like my phone for example. If I connect to another router I am still being monitored. As well as if I use the cellular network, which I first believed to be separate from the local ISP.

That could indicate that it is your phone which is compromised, or your phone and your router.

I strongly suspect the local ISP, which is situated in a small town - or rather someone working there. That would explain why I'm being monitored so extensively.

There are many positions in which someone has roughly the same level of access as your ISP.

As for the actual monitoring setup I have no idea myself. I suspect that my traffic is being either tunneled through a malicious point or my packets are being sniffed by some type of software, basically more complicated stuff like MITM attacks and so on.

If that is occurring at the ISP level, then https websites would give a certificate error.

A VPN could be a possibility if I can get a confirmation that it would work.

A VPN would absolutely protect from ISP-level snooping.

With this said, you've given no details that can be used to help you further. This has all the telltale signs of paranoid ramblings. All it's missing is "it spreads through the bios I just know it does". If there is something happening, likely the explanation is simple, such as an infected phone or an infected router. Perhaps you even have some malicious Chrome extension, so all the devices under your account sync with it and download it. Without this kind of information, no one can help.

After reading through the initial responses I've concluded that this question was a hard and advanced one compared to the majority of the questions submitted on this site.

Or rather, you have not provided sufficient information. I imagine my answers are not satisfactory or too vague, which is the result of being given so little to go on. Would you go to a doctor and say "my knee hurts. I know it's not the result of A, B, or C. Can you tell me definitively what it is, or what it could be?", as that would be unanswerable without a detailed description of the symptoms.

You need to help us to help you. Some information which we are looking for:

  • How you verified none of your devices are infected. Did you dump the SPI region of your router with a dedicated SPI programmer? Did you read the option ROM of every graphics card in your house? Do you keep a signed whitelist of file hashes so you can know if software has been tampered with?

  • What software you are using.

  • What hardware you are using.

  • What type of network connection you have (fiber, DSL, ADSL, VDSL, cable, satellite, 3G, 4G, WiMax, the list goes on).

  • What kind of LAN you have (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and if so the specific kind of Wi-Fi).

  • How you know the monitoring setup is remote, and not a Raspberry Pi or something that knows your WiFi key situated nearby.

  • Why you say (or imply) your consoles are infected. What symptoms are there?

  • Under what conditions you were monitored using another router. What devices were you using?

  • Why you say your traffic is being tunneled, rather than passively sniffed in one of many places.

Without this information and more, the possibilities are endless.

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