I am trying to detect a string in HTML (already unzipped) with Snort. I set this rule to find content 7038685658 in my Apache web server's HTML:

alert tcp any any <> any any (msg:"cell"; file_data; content:"7038685658"; sid:9000001)

This is the location where the content is:

This is the location where the content is in

But I can not detect any alert from Snort. What am I doing wrong?


Try this

alert tcp any any <> any any (msg:"cell"; content:"7038685658"; sid:9000001;http_client_body; )

Make sure you are not loading a cached copy in the browser.

  • I tired, but did not work again. I got rid of cash on the browser and renewed the browser several times to detect content. But it did not work too. – King Dec 9 '17 at 0:49
  • I think you have configuration issue especially LRO. Check this guide (section 8). snort.org/documents/snort-2-9-9-x-on-ubuntu-14-16 – Sari Dec 9 '17 at 3:38

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