I'm learning how to do an Idle scan and I'm practicing on my personal computers:

  • I have a machine with port 21 open.
  • I sent a SYN/ACK ping on the Windows 10 machine (the zombie) and I get x as the IP-ID
  • then I sent a SYN ping to the target using the Windows 10 as a zombie.
  • then I sent a SYN/ACK ping to the zombie once again, but instead of getting x+2 as expected (since the 21 port is open) I got x+1.

I used hping3 and I dont know what I did wrong. The commands:

hping3 -SA <zombie> -c 1 
hping3 --spoof <zombie> -S <target> -p 21 -c 1
hping3 -SA <zombie> -c 1
  • It looks like you are pinging the zombie, getting x, pinging something else, then pinging the zombie again getting x+1. This would appear to be the expected behavior. – schroeder Dec 25 '17 at 20:56
  • but isn't the zombie supposed to send a RST packet to the target with the ID x+1 with the command hping3 --spoof <zombie> -S <target> -p 21 -c 1 or hping3 -a <zombie> -S <target> -p 21 -c 1 ? – Karatsu Dec 25 '17 at 21:27

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