So recently, I was Googling for images so that I can run Cisco router images on GNS3. I know I shouldn't be looking for images and I will now stop.

I came a across a site and I believe it gave me a virus. The virus was identified as Trojan/Bitrep.B virus. I inspected the issue and realized I had a suspicious download in my downloads directory. I had not clicked on anything to download, but the file was there.

I removed the virus, but I still get prompted from my antivirus (Windows Defender) that I have virus, and it downloads files such as "Windows Loader 2.2.2-Daz".

I have attempted to use Resource Monitor to determine if there is a process running or a process that is using the "Windows Loader..." file, but no luck. I am not to confident with Resource Monitor so I might missed something.

I am looking to run another Antivirus such AVG, to see if Windows missed anything. I am also looking to run Windows Network Monitor, to see where these files are coming from.

It is probably best that just backup my files, do fresh install of Windows.


  • Yes, a fresh install would be a good idea. Just make sure that you don't backup the virus with your data.
    – pri
    Jan 1, 2018 at 5:09

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For speed and to be sure it's gone I would backup the user files and wipe the disk, then reinstall Windows.

If you have the time and not the skills to reinstall Windows then you could try a clean up. There are several free anti malware programs. Start with Spybot and MalwareBytes. Install them, update the definitions/signatures then run full scans. Use CCleaner to delete temporary files, clean the Registry, uninstall unrequired software and check Windows Startup.

Maybe consider a second PC running Linux (or Raspberry Pi) to surf and download things that could contain viruses.

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