Using plesk, I run some cron jobs with domains on my own server, ie for instance

https://username:[email protected]/cron.php

The ip of my server is the same ip of domain.com.

Will others see username and password?

If yes, how do I run the cron.php which requires username and password from within the server?

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If the domain resolves (on that host) to one of the IPs attached to an interface on that host, then the traffic will remain within the host. However, should you add a CDN (Cloudflare, etc.) at some point in the future, then your traffic will go out over the internet to the CDN before coming back to your backend.

If you're using a proper implementation of HTTPS (as implied by the URL in your example), then the username and password are not revealed even if the traffic traveled over the network. (Unless using an SSL-terminating CDN, but you'd already be putting a lot of trust in that CDN.)

  • Yup, the TLS layer is created first (encrypted tunnel) before the HTTP GET. Hence data is encrypted as long as HTTP s is done :) Mar 16, 2018 at 5:27

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