I found a site where they display your political registration info (which includes contact info) that was requested from the government. If you find your contact information from this site, do NOT request to remove it. You will be giving them your current phone number and email address, handing them more info than what they have.

I was able to find the site by simply googling my cell phone number. If the site has your info, it will display your name, address(es) (possibly outdated), phone number(s) (possibly outdated), fake email address, and political registration info.

How would one remove his/her info from the site without giving them more info?

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Legally? I don't think that there's a reliable way to know that your info is removed from a scam site. If it's provided, you can click on an "unsubscribe" link, but all that does with a scam site is validate that you accessed their scam site, setting you up for further attempts.

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