Here's a URL that you may not want to open (should be fine with a modern browser though):


It seems to redirect through a bunch of different spammy, malware-type sites.

What's going on there? That's Honda's domain, right? Is this part of a blackhat SEO network or something? I've tweeted Honda just in case.

Edit: Definitely looks like this is the work a (wordpress?) hacker. Here's a bunch more that I found via google:


And this one has the <title> element changed to "Hacked by CyberPirate !":


Seems like there are hundreds of sites like this (in google search results) that have been compromised.

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    It's not just you seeing this, looks like either their DNS or one of their sites has been compromised. – Alexander O'Mara Feb 3 '18 at 1:26

That's Honda's domain, right?

Yes it is. Either one of their web servers or their DNS has been compromised.

Is this part of a blackhat SEO network or something?

Most-definitely. A domain for a large company linking to other websites raises their page rank.

Of course, it's possible the compromised web server is also up to other nefarious things.

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