OWASP recommends that context-sensitive encoding needs to be done. Please help me in getting a couple of strong "code examples" on why context sensitive based encoding needs to be done and why HTML encoding alone won't help in those cases?

I know that it can help for unquoted attributes (is also explained in 2) but for now let us assume that entire world is using quoted attributes [I know its impossible but just let's assume :/], can you help me in providing two more examples where HTML encoding will not help and lead to XSS attacks which would be protected if we had used context-sensitive encoding functions provided by 3 (this is the only context sensitive encoding library present in market that I know of)?


I'm going to use a few examples where various forms of HTML encoding will not help. All of these are cases I have actually seen in practice. I will use {{foo}} for the variable to be substituted. I assume HTML encoding involves replacing < with &lt; and > with &gt;. If you also escape both single and double quotes, some of them will no longer be exploitable, but some will be.

<script>var x = '{{foo}}';</script>
<a href="{{foo}}">Clicky</a>
<script>/** Comment {{foo}} */</script>
<html ng-app='myapp'>{{foo}}</html>

You might want to check out this blog post for more details.

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