I have the problem to understand from_DS, to_DS with Deauthentication packet,

deauthentication packets are type=Managment, FCfield managment and control frames always FROM_DS = 0 , TO_DS=0, rules for address fileds: addr1 is used for the receiver, addr2 for transmitter, addr3 used for filtering by receiver

but Deauthenticating packet can be sent from AccessPoint --> Station, and from Station ---> AccessPoint,

AccessPoint --> Station      
addr1= station(RA=DA) also this addres can be BROADCAST ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
addr2= mac_ap (TA=SA) 
addr3= (BSSID)

Station--> AccessPoint 
addr1= mac_ap(RA=DA)
addr2= station(TA=SA)
addr3= mac_ap (BSSID)

how correct resolve all address from who to who send this packet, only with compare

if addr3 == addr2 this packet send from access point,
or something similar?

Do I have some fundamental misunderstanding of what's happening here?

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