I was testing an iphone application in a jail broken device. I happend to see an intresting thing that the username and passwords are stored in a plist file and Cache.db file in preferences directory of app bundle. I can see this data as cleartext. So the data stored in nsuserdefault, plist, sqlite are not safe right? I have checked the other storage options like Keychains. But there is a tool keychain dumper,which can easily dump the keychain data.. So how i can save data in iphone app. Nothing is safe. So any alternate method to save data, I mean any kind of encryption or anything. How you advice me to secury store a data even if the phone is jailbreaked.


Your app checks if the device is jailbroken and refuses to run if it is. That's it.

On a jailbroken device, a hacker (or the user) can modify installed applications, so nothing is safe.

  • Is there any kind of encryption help us to protect the data? – sanju vs Apr 9 '18 at 16:10

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