I'm doing some MITM injection with mitmdump (mitmproxy):

 mitmdump -s 'injection.py' -m transparent

it works perfectly (over HTTP) as intended.

Then I heard of SSLstrip :

sslstrip -l 8080

which works as intended as well.

But I don't understand how to do my "own injection" (injection.py) + SSLstrip.

Running mitmdump after SSLstrip or vice versa tells me that 8080 is already in use.

Error starting proxy server: OSError(98, 'Address already in use')

How to combine SSLstrip + mitmdump? How to run an external injection script (injection.py) + SSLstrip? Is there an other/better way?


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You can replicate SSLStrip's functionality using a Mitmproxy script. In the examples directory of the Mitmproxy source tree, see sslstrip.py.

You can simply modify the request or response functions in this script to perform the custom injection that your own script does.

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