During its operation, the computer connects and disconnects to and from numerous servers - which are identified by a specific IP address.

Is there a solution to trace the ip addresses of all the input / output connections that occur every day with relative date and time and quantity of packets sent or received and saving them automatically on a log?

I know that there are products like WireShark that provide every single byte of each package, but I'm interested only in knowing the IP addresses that generated transactions.


A log file of connections can easily be generated by a logging rule for your packet filter of choice on a Unix system.

For Mac OS, I think that is ipfw.

Feel free to chose a tutorial of your liking on how to configure ipfw to generate the logs you specifically want - or ask a more refined question that details what exactly you want to have logged over at SU or another more appropriate stack exchange site that focuses on application questions like Unix or Mac OS.

  • Thank you, I will check and I will report the result asap. – Angelo Libertà May 1 '18 at 21:20

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