I'm in a situation which my network provider blocks all my internet access except for google and its branches (drive , gmail ,etc...). I'm looking for a way to route my traffic through google (with a google proxy or vpn or tor bridge , etc... ) to be able to access full internet.

Is such thing possible and if it is how ?


You might want to look into domain fronting. Unfortunately, it seems that Google has disabled support for this just last month (April of 2018), preventing Tor's meek pluggable transport from using it to evade authoritarian censorship. If there are any other web services which you are able to use for domain fronting, you may want to use them instead. If that doesn't work at all, you can visit arbitrary web pages by using Google Cache or Google Translate as a make-shift web proxy.

As Steffen Ullrich mentioned in a comment, you can also run a proxy or VPN on Google Cloud, assuming the IP addresses associated with it are not blocked. There are also a number of free, public CGI web proxies scattered around the internet that run on a Google service.

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