I need to use a Single Page Application (React, Ember, Angular, I don't care) with Rails CSRF protection mechanism.

I'm wondering if I need to create a token evey time in the ApplicationController like this:

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

  after_action :set_csrf_cookie

  def set_csrf_cookie
    cookies["X-CSRF-Token"] = form_authenticity_token


or I can just create a token once.

Per session or per (non-GET) request?

I think the token is still valid until the session is valid, right?


I see Rails default application (server-rendered pages) update csrf-token each time I navigate a page. So every time it changes.

So in my situation if I create a new token for each after_action the previous CSRF-Token is still good for that session. So, how to invalidate the previous token? I have to?

Because only if I invalidate it makes sense, right?

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