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What device/method do you usually use to securely erase a hard drive?

The situation is, we have hard drives that we want to use somewhere else, and don't want any data to get recovered later,

I can use software secure eraser, but it may take some time since I have a lot of drives.

Do you guys have any experience using hdd eraser dock?

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  • Need more info about the hardware. Are they HDDs, SSD? How old? Do they support the Secure Erase instruction? Basically, I think the manufacturer spec for your drives will be more useful than random internet people. – Mike Ounsworth May 28 '18 at 11:45

Try the hardware based approach, such as this one. Those devices are not that expensive but solve the issue of reusing old HDDs and SSDs fast.


Those docking device simply send a secure erase command to the disk. If you are looking for solution that will not cost you an arm and leg, you can look into how Linux send ATA secure erase, then get an eSATA external HD docking with multiple HD bay and send the command.

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