I was able to setup my first proxy server on Ubuntu 14 using danted. However, when I visit 2ip.io/privacy/

and run their privacy test, they return:

Defining tunnel (two way ping) found

This is considered bad and reasoning the score 'Probability of anonymization 99%' What is two way ping and how to prevent it showing up?

  • FWIW, this terminology is non-standard. I'm not sure what they are referring to. – forest Aug 7 '18 at 1:07

What this test means is that evidence of a VPN tunnel has been found by way of analyzing cipher timing signatures (ie, passive TCP/IP fingerprinting). Check out the following article for specifics relating to this type of fingerprinting and what you can do to protect yourself: https://medium.com/@ValdikSS/detecting-vpn-and-its-configuration-and-proxy-users-on-the-server-side-1bcc59742413

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