XML, EPUB, etc. formats need also to be signed by digital certificate, like in the PDF's certificate-based signatures. There are reliable open-standards and open-source software to accomplish it?

PS: there are a lot of resources in the Web about PDF, but I not see the analog resources about "not PDF files".

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    GPG is often used for this. Jun 1 '18 at 14:41
  • Hi @AndrolGenhald, thanks, good clue (!), it is 100% compatible with the PDF's standards? That is, if I assign a PDF with this Gnu instructions, the assigned PDF file will be accept by the Adobe's signature software? There are a link describing/endorsing interoperability of the GNU procedures with commercial/official implementations? Jun 1 '18 at 15:33
  • That question would sound better if was asked the other way around: is Adobe's PDF signature thingy in any way compatible with general-purpose file-signing tools? (I don't know the answer but I'm guessing it's not)
    – user54862
    Jun 1 '18 at 19:35
  • A similar question here: stackoverflow.com/questions/10407523/… (question was about PHP, but the answers contain generally useful information, not much PHP code)
    – user54862
    Jun 1 '18 at 19:42
  • ... For EPUB seems v3.1 Specification/Digital Signatures File... But there are no PGP, only integrity checksum. Jun 1 '18 at 20:58

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