So I'm performing an authentication cracking lab using Hydra, I use the following command;

hydra -L /usr/share/ncrack/minimal.usr -P /usr/share/wordlists/s1.txt -f -V telnet

The command used seems to give me the intended result, however, it doesn't display the actual username. The output is somewhat like this

[23][telnet] host: login: *# minimal list of very common usernames* password: *thepassword*

How do I make it display the actual login username?

The weird thing is, if I use the same command for SSH, it gives me the proper username and password combination. Something like this

[22][ssh] host: login: root password: *thepassword*

Please help.

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Check your /usr/share/ncrack/minimal.usr file...

Remove the line # minimal list of very common username from the file; otherwise, Hydra will not work as expected.

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