Warning -> n00b here!

For some time now I am learning the tools for pen-testing but I am still complete n00b. I have installed Metasplitable2 in another computer on local network and I am running Kali as VM on my computer. So I have started BurpSuite to capture traffic to :8180/admin/ on Metaspoitable2. But to my surprise I saw (apart from the expected traffic) POST requests to ocsp.digicert.com. My Kali installation is default (no new SW installed). So my question is: why is Kali browser making POST requests to ocsp.digicert.com. Is this normal?


This is perfectly normal. ocsp.digicert.com is the server used to verify if an SSL certificate issued by DigiCert got revoked. This is done using the OCSP protocol.

For example the certificates for mozilla.org or addons.mozilla.org are currently issued by DigiCert. This means it will likely check at startup for extension updates and/or browser updates by using HTTPS and will in this context check that the certificates for these domains were not revoked.

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