I read this What does it mean to “burn a zero-day”?

I researched on google and read a few articles, this one "Shopping For Zero-Days" was particularly interesting because there is people that have companies that are in the business of just that.

Hints are given on who buys them, and I actually found Zerodium, Raytheon was mentioned, and of course governments as well.

But what is the procedure behind it? Like with Zerodium it says you have to submit it. But that can be kind of iffy I would think, specially if you are a "little guy" when there is actual companies that are dedicated to that.

  • I think that Zerodium just act as proxy of a Government or other Institution and the guy that have the zero exploit, as far as I know you need to provide information to Zerodium about the exploit a proof of concept basically. – camp0 Jun 20 at 20:14
  • 1
    I can see that, however it seems like they would just be able to low ball you or say that they already knew about it, or something along those lines. Is almost like you would need someway to "patent" the exploit to protect your self. – 0siris Jun 21 at 22:24

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