When I running the command

nmap -p 443 -iL ip.txt

It only shows IP addresses with open ports in the output, but does not show IP addresses with closed ports. How can I see the closed ports/IPs.

  • When I run the above command (with Nmap version 7.6), the output shows the IPs scanned as well as the port (443), the state (open, closed, filtered, unfiltered, open|filtered, or closed|filtered), and the service (https). With this I can see which IPs have port 443 open as well as which IPs have 443 closed, which sounds like what you are after. What version of Nmap are you running? – waymobetta Jul 19 '18 at 21:41

There is typically a line that shows something like "Not shown: 1494 closed ports, 496 filtered ports", so in this case it would be "Not shown, 1 closed port"... but you're only searching for one port which gives me the filtered or closed result by that port, so can't say what you're seeing. I tried it with debug on and it gives results like what you're looking for. Try:

nmap -d -d -p 443 -iL ip.txt

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