My work currently involve finding phishing site to a certain domain/ company. I was wondering if there are some tools/ Online services that I can use to find phishing sites. I would like to know;

Searching for registered domains based on keyword?

There are tons of online service which will allow you to search for domains that are unregistered or available for sale but none I could find which would allow me search for only registered ones. What I am looking for here is all the registered domain that are based on my keyword.

Finding phishing sites based on deceptive domains?

I use bit of bitsquatting/ Addition/ Deletion/ Omission to look for registered domain that are deceptive to the domain in question. I am looking for an automated tool which can apply some other techniques if there are. For e.g. If I am looking for phishing domains of company.com I am hardly likely to arrive at comapanypvtltd.com ..etc.

Finding phishing sites based on Keywords?

Searching based on keywords is hard and produces a lot of noise. I would consider the company name, keywords from their respective industry. For e.g. digibucks.com a made-up online digital currency company, I am definitely going to look for digibuckswallet.com and other gTLD & ccTLD of same. I am looking for a tool or online service which offers similar functionality. FYI dnslytics.com has the similar feature to search for domains based on keywords. Sometimes its result are very good.

Finding phishing site based on similar look and feel?

I am particularly interested in this as I have not been able to find any good resource on this. I was wondering if It would be possible to search for websites that look exactly the same as website in question. It is possible search based on HTML/CSS of the page or any other techniques around it.

Any additional techniques/ resource would be greatly appreciated.



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