I would like to test some malware on a virtual box but I can not seem to figure out a safe way to get the malware on the virtual machine.

I was thinking maybe I could download it while I am on the virtual machine but that requires Internet connection from the network which I heard is not safe (malware that can attack others on the network).

I thought about downloading the malware to a usb then opening the usb file on the virtual machine but there is malware that makes that unsafe too.

I've also thought about downloading the malware to my computer then dragging and dropping then deleting on the host computer but that does not sound too safe either.

Is there any 100% safe way I can get the malware on the virtual machine without a risk or consequence?

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There is no way to stay 100% secure. But you can try to be safe. My way to do it:

  1. Linux host.
  2. Install cuckoo sandbox from https://cuckoosandbox.org/
  3. Get an automatic report.

If you wan to do things manually, keep your infected files in a zip password protected file in the host. Share a drive and copy to the virtual guest, disconnect the network, unzip the file and run it.

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