I am doing some research about Ransomware and their methods. In many articles they write that the ransomware performs vssadmin.exe to delete shadow copys. And I found following Information about how they bypass the problem that admin privileges are needed:

"As this program (vssadmin.exe) requires Administrative privileges to run, some ransomware will inject themselves into processes that are running as an Administrator in order to avoid a UAC prompt from being displayed."

My question is, how do they inject themselves into those processes? Any Links or Information about this would be great.

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There are many process injection techniques, there is no standard way used in all ransomware.

Some of these techniques:

  • Classic Dll Injection Via Createremotethread And Loadlibrary.
  • Portable Executable Injection (Pe Injection) Process Hollowing (A.K.A Process Replacement And Runpe)
  • Thread Execution Hijacking (A.K.A Suspend, Inject, And Resume (Sir))
  • Hook Injection Via Setwindowshookex
  • Injection And Persistence Via Registry Modificatio (E.G. Appinit_Dlls, Appcertdlls, Ifeo)
  • Apc Injection And Atombombing
  • Extra Window Memory Injection (Ewmi) Via Setwindowlong
  • Injection Using Shims Iat Hooking And Inline Hooking (A.K.A Userland Rootkits)

The following link describes all of the above techniques.

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