I launched my company website a month ago, now when I google using website name a phishing site that has exactly copied my site appears in the first page. It also has a better rank than my website which was initially at first page, but now it isn’t. How to handle this situation and prevent this in the future since a part of my service includes developing websites for my clients.

  • Consider checking the whois of the website and contact the registrar about the abuse. A valid registrar should investigate your claims and hopefully remove that domain or hand it over to you. – Giacomo Alzetta Aug 6 '18 at 8:47

You can start by reporting the website to multiple parties in order for it to be blacklisted. An example is Google Safe Browsing which ships with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, you can start by filling out the form.

Decent Security also has a dedicated guide for steps to take when reporting phishing sites.

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