Our company has a GPO which blocks USB mass storage devices. The GPO permits Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) connections. Some SD card-based camera devices don't support MTP so they are blocked as they identify as a mass storage device. I can remove the SD card, but is there an SD card reader available that can use MTP?

  • Although you asked as a security concern, the question itself is not about security. You either need a pointer to a product (off-topic) or you need to configure other hardware to do what you need (also off-topic). – schroeder Aug 21 '18 at 6:23

I am unaware of an MTP SD Card reader, and cannot find anything listing the USB reader having this support. So, instead, I would suggest using an Android device, which has micro SD card support, as Android supports MTP. USB mass storage instead of MTP outlines doing the opposite of what you want but gives an idea of how you can use Android 5.0 to mount a micro SD card in MTP mode.

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