I just got a notification in French (I live in a French speaking country): Sincere congratulations, you won a Galaxy S8 phone.

The notification has the icon of Chrome and is coming from news3.lapetinsatlame.men

When I clicked on it took me to https://mobile-fb.com....

I installed Malwarebytes and after a full scan it did not find anything.

Earlier in the morning I was checking some cartoons for my kids, and it could be because of that, because afterwards on my PC watching the same cartoons, Kaspersky complained and blocked a request from a malicious website:

Here is the log:

26.08.2018 17.44.56;Download blocked;https://pushtrust.com/notifications/push/cpm/3/videoplayer/index.html?subid_short=1fa18b71b7ca5918ca38f22ab52906ed&p1=https%3A%2F%2Fzme8o3l1c4.com%2Frmavev10%3Fkey%3Dd47d042b3c4d449dd309e5f3f7758d8e;not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.Script.Generic;https://pushtrust.com/notifications/push/cpm/3/videoplayer/index.html?subid_short=1fa18b71b7ca5918ca38f22ab52906ed&p1=https%3A%2F%2Fzme8o3l1c4.com%2Frmavev10%3Fkey%3Dd47d042b3c4d449dd309e5f3f7758d8e;Google Chrome;Adware;08/26/2018 17:44:56
26.08.2018 19.14.21;Task started;Web Anti-Virus;08/26/2018 19:14:21
26.08.2018 19.07.08;Task started;Web Anti-Virus;08/26/2018 19:07:08
26.08.2018 18.42.43;Task started;Web Anti-Virus;08/26/2018 18:42:43
26.08.2018 17.44.56;Object (file) detected;https://pushtrust.com/notifications/push/cpm/3/videoplayer/index.html?subid_short=1fa18b71b7ca5918ca38f22ab52906ed&p1=https%3A%2F%2Fzme8o3l1c4.com%2Frmavev10%3Fkey%3Dd47d042b3c4d449dd309e5f3f7758d8e;not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.Script.Generic;https://pushtrust.com/notifications/push/cpm/3/videoplayer/index.html?subid_short=1fa18b71b7ca5918ca38f22ab52906ed&p1=https%3A%2F%2Fzme8o3l1c4.com%2Frmavev10%3Fkey%3Dd47d042b3c4d449dd309e5f3f7758d8e;Google Chrome;Adware;08/26/2018 17:44:56

It could be something else though, the above logs are my only possible explanation... Do I need to worry about my phone?

I'm making payments from the banking app, checking work email... I'd like to keep this phone as clean/secure as possible.

It's a Galaxy S7 and a few days ago I installed a new security patch (pushed by Samsung/Google), thus it has the 1 July Security Patch level.

If I got "infected", even a light "infection", how can I clean my phone?

Many thanks for your answers.

P.S. Obviously I regret visiting the cartoons website and will not allow my kids to watch cartoons on that website

  • Dishonest ads that leads you to websites that propose fake offers and fake "gifts" are sadly common even on mainstream news websites
    – curiousguy
    Aug 27, 2018 at 8:23

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My guess is that the website is using the HTML5 notification mechanism to send a notification (in this case ads) to the browser. And you probably accepted that the site can send you notifications. See this support document on how to manage which site can send you notifications.

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