I want to create a anonymous application that will send data all the time to my server. I don't want my ip to be exposed so I wanted to use Tor. I wanted to send sniffed packets to this server and analyze it here. To sniff and send data I'm using command dumpcap -w - | nc ip port. Can I somehow use Tor server (Raspberry PI) as a receiver so I dont need to hard-code my ip address in my program and use .onion server instead?

  • Are you basically asking how to use Tor for NAT holepunching?
    – forest
    Sep 1 '18 at 20:36

What you seem to need is called Tor hidden service. This could be any service based on TCP protocol, including HTTP, rsync, or even nc as in your example. You set up the service to listen on localhost:port on your receiver, configure your Tor client (running on the same receiver) to forward the incoming connections to your localhost:port, and use Tor client on your sender to connect to the hidden service.

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