Is it possible to test RCE and SSRF vulnerabilities using Python SimpleHTTPServer? Or should I use a VPS server?

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  • Do you want to test on the python/VPS server, or do you want to test on another site using the python/VPS server? And what is the difference between a python server and a VPS server? – schroeder Sep 4 '18 at 22:42

I think you need to understand how those vulnerabilities works.

Example: In RCE the attacker needs a vulnerability to run shell commands on victim server. So if you make a simple webpage in python with a small input and button where user can execute shell commands. Then you can test RCE.

Also you can create your own penetration testing lab, check these: Metasploitable DVWA bWAPP


No, you cannot do that using SimpleHTTPServer. It will only read and send back any existing file on the server, and a 404 error on anything else.

There's no processing at all. No script, no server-side include, no database access. Just read that file and send back.

And I don't know what a VPS has to do with that. A VPS is just a computer, like any other, but "in the cloud." It sits on another layer - the hardware. As such, using a VPS, a Playstation 2, a virtual machine, a docker container or a physical mainframe running Linux bare-metal does not change anything.

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