I realise that this question has been touched on before as linked here. However, none of the solutions suggested solved my question and it fails to answer the overarching question of how to send all types of Wi-Fi management frames. Whilst Kismac2, aireplay-ng and scapy are mentioned; none of the previous solved my problem. My aim is to be able to send deauthentication frames (and other management frames as well if possible) from the command line.

Whilst aireplay-ng is supposedly available for Mac; after running it, it actually does nothing. I feel that this is the same problem that many other Mac users have experienced. Furthermore, scapy seems to have the same sort of issues (Possibly due to the difficulty of putting an OSX Wi-Fi interface into monitor mode?).

A solution like scapy would be great as it would allow me to send other management frames too like beacon frames. Finally, Kismac2 is not preferable as it has a GUI and I just want a simple, commandline-based, method of sending out these frames.

P.S. A tool which works for me for sending deauths is this. But once again, it is GUI based. However, I would be interested to know how exactly that tool is able to send out the frames.

  • after running it, it actually does nothing have you sniffed this? Are you sure the problem is on your Mac? Maybe it's on the "Victim" and you're doing it wrong. Have you captured the packets exiting the selected interface and proved that it actually does nothing? Try Wireshark. – Azteca Sep 11 '18 at 20:07
  • @Azteca Thanks for your response; as I said in my original question, I am successfully able to send deauth packets with JamWiFi (they appear in Wireshark) which will force the "Victim" to disconnect but there is no method I can find so far to send deauth packets (and other management frames) from the command line on Mac which is what I am asking for assistance with. – Rocco Sep 12 '18 at 13:31

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