I have some experience in software development, some experience with scripting and basic experience within devops (sysadmin, networking fields). Recently I've started a career in security (security analyst). I've been thinking that I'd like to specialize in some security field only. I believe the most appropriate for me would be either application security, either penetration testing.

How should I know which one should I choose without having to work for awhile in each of them? What factors should I take into account and what it important when making this decision?

For example, I'm interested in knowledge required, career path, job market, employee vs consultancy, work-life balance, salary ranges. But please don't limit to these ones if you think any other data would be useful.

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  • We cannot really say what you are interested in. I think you should try it on your own, by doing some pentesting at home on your network or some sites which want that. If you feel confident and like it then you should take it and apply at a company – CD Rohling Sep 14 at 15:00