I need to safely pass a SSN to Stripe from a web page. (We are doing taxes for our contractors)

I am well aware that storing a SSN is not a good idea. We don't need to. Stripe can handle it, but I am unable to establish a secure connection to stripe using our Stripe secret key from a browser. That key shouldn't be loaded up in React, JS, or anything else where it could be read.

So I can send the SSN to my server and THEN pass it to stripe safely behind the scenes....but that means that the SSN touches the server...Again, to reiterate, I will NOT be storing the SSN. Does this merit any form of encryption from the web-side before it goes up to the server? What additional precautions would be appropriate here?

  • Legal questions are kind of off-topic for the Information Security SE. Unless your 'Other reprocussions' question can be clarified to mean something information security specific, you may get better answers in the Legal stack exchange. – user52472 Sep 24 at 21:04
  • You are using HTTPS and pinning your server certificate, right? Then it is a server security problem. – zaph Sep 24 at 22:11

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