I am using a command to compile OpenSSL from source. I need to remove un-needed parameters that enable settings I do not need. One of the settings:


What does this parameter do?

How can I get the help of ./config? I tried ./config -help but that does not display the ./config parameters.


From the README, which is the first thing you should read when compiling the software by your own:


 See the appropriate file:
        INSTALL         Linux, Unix, Windows, OpenVMS, ...

And, from the INSTALL file one should read according to the README:

                   Don't build the statically linked engines. This only
                   has an impact when not built "shared".

To understand what this means I recommend to read the section How do I build a "dynamic" ENGINE? in the README.ENGINE file. It is not trivial to understand, it is probably irrelevant for most users of OpenSSL and it is not about security but about programming, i.e. off-topic here.

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